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I’m not sure what was more impressive about the first piece of content I read from Small-Cap Institute – that it was the most relevant, insightful capital markets article I’ve ever read, or that I read the entire piece on my phone while stuck on a Jetway boarding a packed flight.

Peter Holt  CEO, Joint Corp (NASDAQ: JYNT)

Nothing arguably strikes more fear into small-cap investors than bad financings, because it’s often unfortunately not a matter of “if” but “when,” even with otherwise healthy companies. But with Small-Cap Institute, CEOs will be able to learn directly from institutional investors who do these financings and from other CEOs who know what’s worked and what hasn’t. It’s potentially game-changing for small-cap companies, and the buy-side as well.

John LaGourgue  Director, Grande West Transportation (TSX-V: BUS)

Small-cap CEOs are constantly barraged with biased, makeshift advice from short-term focused investors and inexperienced service providers who don't have the best interests of the company in mind.  Small-Cap Institute captures and condenses the collective knowledge and expertise of some of the brightest investors, thought leaders, and visionaries in the business. I’m going to recommend this to every portfolio company and would be surprised if many investors did not do the same after seeing the depth and breadth of the content.

Joshua Horowitz  Portfolio Manager, Palm Global Small Cap Fund


Our proprietary library covers capital markets, corporate finance, corporate governance, service providers, legal, audit, etc.

  • The repetitive mistakes that doom most non-deal roadshows
  • 5 institutional investors discuss the .ppt mistakes every small-cap makes
  • The capital markets data investment bankers would prefer you not know about
  • Learn how to actually meet 1-on-1 with investors… from institutional investors
  • How you can avoid becoming an activist shareholder target… from an activist investor
  • Investors explain why your choice of auditors matters more than you think
  • 10 reasons most meetings with investors don’t go nearly as well as you think
  • 5 Steps to Faster, Less Dilutive Financings
  • Where trading volume actually comes from… and where it doesn’t
  • How to build/manage a board that’s a competitive advantage vs. waste of time
  • CEO Cheat Sheet: Purchasing legal services for (much) less
  • Five value-destructive mistakes in hiring/managing investor relations firms


David Scher

Founder, Small-Cap Institute

David spent 15 years as a full-time investor. In 2014, he joined LD Micro to create a pure micro-cap index and act as head of business development.

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Brian Balbirnie

CEO, Issuer Direct 

Brian established Issuer Direct (NYSE:ISDR) in 2006. Under his direction, the Company has grown to serve over 2,000  companies since 2006.

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Dr. Rollie Carlson

CEO, Immunexpress, Inc. 

Rollie has over 25 years of global commercial, business development experience in the biotechnology space including fund raising in both public and private capital markets.

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Ian Cassel

CIO, Intelligent Fanatics Capital Management

Ian has been an active investor for almost 20 years, and is the founder of MicroCapClub, the MicroCap Leadership Summit, and co-founder of the Intelligent Fanatics Project.

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Adam J. Epstein, Chair

Founder, Third Creek Advisors

A nationally recognized small-cap expert, Adam has advised, governed, and invested in hundreds of small-cap companies. 

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Sharon Gabrielson

Board Chair, Sharps Compliance

Sharon Gabrielson has more than 30 years of C-suite leadership experience, including most recently as Corporate Chair, Global Business Solutions for the Mayo Clinic. She currently serves as Chairman of the Board  for Sharps Compliance (NASDAQ: SMED).

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Amanda Gerut

Associate Editor, Agenda (Financial Times)

Amanda Gerut is an associate editor with Agenda, a corporate governance publication, published by Financial Times.

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